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 ===== Research studies ===== ===== Research studies =====
 +[[healthcare-wg-wikispace-redesign |Home]] : [[resources|Resources]] : [[resources-knowledge|Knowledge resources]]
-  * [[​jamia/​article/​24/​6/​1211/​4108087#​|Tsung-Ting Kuo, Hyeon-Eui KimLucila Ohno-Machado; Blockchain distributed ledger technologies for biomedical and health care applicationsJournal of the American Medical Informatics AssociationVolume 24, Issue 6, 1 November 2017, Pages 1211–1220]] [[https://​​ocx068]] +//Research studies are published in peer-reviewed [[resources-research-journals|Research Journals]]and typically apply formally-definedreplicableretrospective or prospective (interventional) protocols to a well-defined domain or set of subjects in order to test one or more hypotheses using well-defined data collection and analysis methodologies.//  
-  * [[|Ribitzky, R., StClairJ.Houlding, D., McFarlane, C., Ahier, B., Gould, ​M., FlanneryH., Pupo, E., & Clauson, K. (2018). Pragmatic, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: Paving ​the Future for HealthcareBlockchain in Healthcare Today1.]] [[https://​​https://​​10.30953/bhty.v1.24]] + 
-  * [[|ClausonK., Breeden, E., Davidson, C., & Mackey, T. (2018). Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Enhance Supply Chain Management in Healthcare:Blockchain in Healthcare Today1.]] [[https://​​https://​​10.30953/bhty.v1.20]]+ 
 +  * [[|Sarah AKeimManjusha MKulkarniKelly McNamaraSheela RGeraghtyRachael ​M. BillockRachel RonauJoseph SHoganJesse JKwiek. (2015). Cow’s Milk Contamination of Human Milk Purchased via the InternetPediatrics135 (5) e1157-e1162DOI: 10.1542/peds.2014-3554]] 
 +  * [[|Sarah A. KeimJoseph SHoganKelly A. McNamara, Vishnu GudimetlaChelsea ​E. DillonJesse JKwiekSheela R. Geraghty. (2013). Microbial Contamination of Human Milk Purchased Via the InternetPediatrics132 (5) e1227-e1235DOI: 10.1542/​peds.2013-1687]] 
 +  * Maryanne Tigchelaar Perrin, PhD, MBA, L. Suzanne Goodell, PhD, RD, April Fogleman, PhD, RD, IBCLC, Hannah Pettus, BA, Amanda L. Bodenheimer,​ MS, Aunchalee E. L. Palmquist, PhD, IBCLC. Expanding the Supply of Pasteurized Donor Milk. Understanding Why Peer-to-Peer Milk Sharers in the United States Do Not Donate to Milk Banks. (2016). Journal of Human Lactation 32(2): 229-237. ​[[https://​​10.1177/0890334415627024]] 
 +  * //<​Add>//​
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