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Hyperledger Project
Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) Patient Subgroup Meeting
July 20, 2018

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Meeting Notes

At a high-level we:

  • Reviewed our Connecting Patient Data Across Silos for Diagnostics and Treatment use case and how to engage with a build while not duplicating the work of another Hyperledger effort: Medicalchain (all notes have been added to the wiki page above and we are looking forward to getting some questions answered at the 7/27 HCWG meeting if a Medicalchain representative is available)
  • Discussed the donor milk proof of concept (POC) that Anton Ansalmar and Ron Block with Rapid Healthcare presented and are looking to build - If anyone knows of any donor milk use cases being explored in other Hyperledger projects, please let us know
  • Decided that the donor milk use case and POC is what the patient/member subgroup would like to pursue as top priority, and to track to the Hyperledger Global Forum timeline for completion

Outcomes of the meeting:

Next steps:

  • If you would like to be identified as a member of the patient/member subgroup of the healthcare working group, please add your LinkedIn profile or other method of contact for the group here:
  • For our 8/3 meeting we will review any updates to the donor milk use case that we have, timeline, and engagement from the developer and identity working groups (Vipin Bharatham (@vipinb) who leads the Identity working group has offered to join one of our meetings to answer any questions we have, but my suggestion is to have him join on 8/17 so that we have an opportunity to collect questions)

Meeting Adjourned

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