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Hyperledger Project
Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) Meeting
May 4, 2018

Chat: (you can use your LFID to login)
Public lists:
Biomedical Blockchain Initiatives:
Hyperledger tutorial:

Make sure you are in the right subgroup as subgroup breakouts are beginning.
Keep big general discussions on chat, emails can be more targeted information

Meeting Notes
Antitrust policy
Identify chairs for groups

  • Payer
  • Provider
  • Patient
  • Government

White paper

  • Think about what that may look like
  • Opportunity to identify low hanging fruit

Use cases

  • Need to flesh out use cases on Wiki
  • Sue suggests utilization management use case, is directed to introduce herself on RocketChat and talk about this uses case with people interested in Payer side.

Tony: update on Optim United - provider directory

  • Reach out to Tony for ways to participate
  • Test capacity
  • Standby capacity
  • No new participants unless they have national coverage
  • More technical information is coming in the next 60 days

Nate: we are looking for a connection w/ IBM person who works with Fabric

  • Open Source Convention in July
    • Hyperledger meetups
    • HCWG meetups

Jim: Nate should meet Bob Celeste at the center for supply chain studies.

Meeting Adjourned

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