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 +Hyperledger Project\\
 +Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) Payer Subgroup Meeting\\
 +July 3, 2018 \\
 +Chat:  https://​​channel/​healthcare-wg (you can use your LFID to login)\\
 +Github: ​ https://​​hyperledger\\
 +Wiki:  https://​\\
 +HCWG Wiki: https://​​groups/​healthcare/​healthcare-wg \\
 +Public lists: ​ https://​\\
 +Meetings: ​ https://​​community/​calendar-public-meetings \\
 +Hyperledger class: [[https://​​course/​blockchain-business-introduction-linuxfoundationx-lfs171x-0|Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies]]
 +Linux Foundation Antitrust reminder: https://​​antitrust-policy\\
 +Meeting Notes\\
 +     ​*Timeline for a product 3-5 years
 +     *We need to be keeping meeting notes so we can keep up when we can’t attend
 +     ​*Think through whether to get into a use case now or whether to create a framework for use cases
 +          *Three good use cases to focus on
 +          *Need to work on whitepaper
 +     *Tony Little Optim working on provider solution for credential - use case the farthest along
 +     *When is blockchain effective? A paper on the conditions where blockchain is useful would be very good
 +     ​*Eligibility for Medicaid, we had to figure out a way to change eligibility on a daily basis, complex problem
 +     ​*posting all vital signs to the blockchain and figured out that was not useful, we only needed to post outlying vitals to the blockchain
 +     *Is blockchain HIPAA compliant? Can we store any patient information in the hyperledger blockchain without getting into trouble?
 +     ​*That’s why we should start with a whitepaper so we understand the landscape
 +          * Inform us and the audience as marketing
 +          * Identify one or two use cases we could run with
 +     *VA is going to let vets start seeing doctors outside the VA, that’s a use case that’s manageable. ​ Self contained. It’s a lot of people with identifiers and a lot of moving parts, but they all have identifiers that are well defined. Blockchain between enterprises.
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