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Connect with Other HC-SIG Members

As part of our ongoing review of the HC-SIG and our drive to provide value to both current and prospective HC-SIG members, we've developed this membership directory. The purpose of this directory is to make it easier for HC-SIG members to connect with one another and their respective businesses and organizations.

This is a purely voluntary effort, but if you're interested in posting your professional contact information, and you didn't receive a request to participate through email, here's what you need to do:

  1. Log into the HC-SIG Rocket.Chat channel (you'll need to create a Linux Foundation account)
  2. Send a direct message to richbl, providing the following information:
  • Your name (required)
  • A social media URL to your name (optional, e.g., Linkedin)
  • Your company name (optional)
  • Your company website URL (optional, corporate divisions or specific areas of your company website are permitted)
  • Your company title (optional)
  • Your geographic location (optional, using the format of “city, country”)

You'll receive an email confirming the addition of your name to the membership directory (usually within 24 hours). Please be sure to double-check your entry for accuracy.

Member Name Company Name Company Title Geographic Location
Saqib Ali, PhD Cybersecurity, Guangzhou University Research Fellow in Trust & Privacy Domain Guangzhou, China
Rich Bloch Digital Healthcare I/O Principal Seattle, USA
Uli Broedl Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd Medical Director and VP, Medical and Regulatory Affairs Burlington, Canada
Robert D. Coli, MD Clinical Blockchain, LLC / Diagnostic Information System Company, Inc. Chief Medical Officer / Founder and CEO New Hampshire, USA
Steven Elliott Cognitive Medical Systems Services Engineering Director San Diego, USA
Lisa Grayston Elemental Concept Product Owner London, United Kingdom
Adrian Gropper Patient Privacy Rights CTO Watertown, USA
Marissa Iannarone Forum Solutions Associate Seattle, USA
Dipak Mawale Cuelogic Technologies Head of Marketing and Communications New York, USA
Hiroki Morizono Children's National Medical Center Director, Children's Research Institute Bioinformatics Unit Washington DC, USA
Kamlesh Nagware Diaspark Inc. Technology Head - Blockchain Indore, India
Vaibhav Patil, MD, MS Patient Informatics, LLC CEO Voorhees, USA
Richard Shute Curlew Research Consultant Macclesfield, UK
Markus Stauffiger 4eyes GmbH Blockchain Consultant & Engineer Basel, Switzerland
Jeff Stollman Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing Principal Consultant Philadelphia, USA
Ben Taylor LedgerDomain CEO Las Vegas, USA
Konstantinos Votis Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Information Technologies Institute (CERTH/ITI) Researcher, Director of Visual Analytics Lab Thessaloniki, Greece
Andrew Yee NEC Business Development Manager Singapore
Alan Bachmann CVS Health Enterprise Architect, office of the CTO Pittsburgh, PA
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