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Current state : Human milk services

Problem list

  • Preterm birth
  • Human milk supply shortage
  • Low rate of milk donation
  • Compensated donors
  • Human milk pricing variability
  • Small-scale milk banking service providers
  • Poorly developed human milk distribution networks
  • Complicated contracting process
  • Health illiteracy regarding benefits of human milk
  • High rate of childbirth outside any kind of health care facility
  • Lack of visibility into supply and demand
  • Weak regulatory enforcement capabilities
  • Human milk donation is unregulated
  • Unregulated market risks patient safety
  • Unqualified and unlicensed practitioners
  • Human milk collection, storage and distribution has poor quality control
  • Human milk poses biosafety and biosecurity risks to public health
  • lack of safe collection, handling and distribution, as with human blood supply and tissue banks
  • Human milk donors are not appropriately screened
  • Donated human milk is not appropriately screened
  • Human milk is not handled safely during collection, storage and distribution
  • Breakdown of cold chain when storing, transporting and handling human milk
  • widespread tampering and adulteration within healthcare supply-chains
  • Adulteration of donated human milk
  • Contamination of donated human milk with pathogens, toxins and drugs
  • environments of weak trust
  • administrative corruption
  • rampant fraud and abuse in clinical settings
  • health systems plagued by repeated public scandals
  • vulnerable to disruption : communications networks; supply-chain disruption
  • increasing risk of disruption : social instability, natural disaster
  • risk of weakened governance : assessment and evaluation; decision-making, planning, policy-making
  • management systems disruption : monitoring and control; program, project management; services systems management; change management
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