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Hyperledger Healthcare Patient SubGroup
Meeting Agenda and Meeting Notes for 2019-01-16

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Hyperledger class 1: Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies
Hyperledger Class 2: Understanding Blockchain and its Implications
Linux Foundation Antitrust reminder:

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Donor Milk use case update (30 min)

  • Naomi Bar Yam from HBANA - haven't heard back since 12/22 correspondence, but has shown interest in continuing to collaborate
  • UNICEF contact Christina Lomazzo has not responded to inquiries
  • Have not heard an update from Tony and Mikhail on pitch deck for targeting global organizations with this project
  • Have heard back Paige Krieger has followed up internally at IBM Global Services with the Healthcare and Public sectors groups and we are awaiting feedback from her
  • Vaibav was going to reach out some healthcare professionals in this network to see if they had interest and we have not hear anything back

2019 charter discussion follow up and read through: Draft Charter can be found here and recommendations from last meeting have been added as comments for now (30 min)

Next Steps from last meeting for reference:

  • Marissa to send Vaibhav with 1-pager that he can share with healthcare connections in the US. The 1-page that was sent to IBM can be found - here
  • Mikhail to put together a high level summary of possible impact at the Global, Community, and Hospital level that Tony can then take to try to put into a “pitch deck” to present to possible groups of interest.
  • Possible organizations that might be interested in collaborating might are Gates Foundation, WHO, Vital Strategy (Bloomberg Philanthropy).
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