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Hyperledger Healthcare Patient SubGroup
Meeting Agenda and Meeting Notes for 2018-12-21

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Hyperledger class 1: Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies
Hyperledger Class 2: Understanding Blockchain and its Implications
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In attendance:

  • Mikhail Elias
  • Vaibhav Patil
  • Tony Little
  • Marissa Iannarone


  • Donor Milk PoC status update - activities from the last couple of weeks (10 Min)

Our partners at Rapid Healthcare have been unresponsive to email. Last email sent was on 12/4 and we did not hear back from them. We are considering their involvement closed at this point. IBM Food Trust and HMBANA are still outstanding in regards to their level of interest in involvement, but Marissa is continuing to check in there.

Frustration with slow progress over the last couple of months was expressed and there was interest in trying to put together a summary to present to connections in international organizations that might be interested in engaging with the use case. There is the opinion that the technical solution is not difficult, but in reality it is more the off chain governance and coordination that is the challenge. Financing for neonatal intensive care units and the opportunity to mitigate this is a huge value to healthcare systems around the world. We ultimately need to bring together sponsors from each of the players in the ecosystem, define the business cases and a common problem that the solution will solve.

Next Steps:

  • Marissa to send Vaibhav with 1-pager that he can share with healthcare connections in the US. The 1-page that was sent to IBM can be found here
  • Mikhail to put together a high level summary of possible impact at the Global, Community, and Hospital level that Tony can then take to try to put into a “pitch deck” to present to possible groups of interest.

Possible organizations that might be interested in collaborating might are Gates Foundation, WHO, Vital Strategy (Bloomberg Philanthropy).

  • 2019 planning session (30 Min)

Draft Charter can be found here


  1. Ordered List Item to see close collaboration with the technical subgroup that is currently forming
  2. To build an inventory of use cases and problems
  3. Build a template structure (tools and procedures) to help community members explore and analyze the use case and possible solutions

Upon reflection, we did have an inventory of use cases on the old HLHC WG wiki, but I'm not sure where that is now. NNeed to follow up with Mikhail on this.

Next Steps: continued conversation on the patient subgroup charter and validate approach for 2019.

  • Piloting a mentorship program (10 Min)

We did not discuss this, will hold this until next meeting

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