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   * [[https://​​HL-antitrust-slide|Hyperledger Antitrust Slide]]   * [[https://​​HL-antitrust-slide|Hyperledger Antitrust Slide]]
   * **Discussion:​ request for note-taking for this meeting**   * **Discussion:​ request for note-taking for this meeting**
 +<WRAP box>
 +[[https://​​open?​id=1ikmMBoojvSF4XLK6XlDfe73YypLGR8O8|Meeting recordings/​transcript]] ​
 +<WRAP box>
 +In attendance:
 +  * Rich Bloch (recording)
 +  * Sonia
 +  * Robert Coli
 +  * Steven
 +  * Mikhail Elias (by phone)
 +  * Marissa (by phone)
 ===== Introductions ===== ===== Introductions =====
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   * ** Discussion: a continuing discussion on the future direction of HLHC-SIG subgroups**   * ** Discussion: a continuing discussion on the future direction of HLHC-SIG subgroups**
 +<WRAP box>
 +  * Rich presented an introduction/​overview regarding the state of this subgroup (now disbanded), but noting that we should be able to re-engage members interested in an EHR subgroup in the future using the proposed SIG/​subgroup structure
 +    * Mikhail confirmed that this should be the case, and that a process should be developed to make this more formal
 +    * Sonia will be speaking with Bilal tomorrow (WE) on this topic
 +  * Sonia walked the team through the current set of slides (noting that those presented were out of date)
 +    * Proposal is that organization should be broken into technical and non-technical subgroups
 +  * Steven presented his proposed charter (presented in email, but moved to Google Docs for future editing)
 +    * Focus on interoperability within a consortium (and not necessarily across)
 +    * Do we focus on a single episode of care?
 +    * Need to stay focused: how to put data on the blockchain
 +    * Grow with minimal set, and add to it as needed (if identity is needed, then add it to the process)
 +    * External stakeholders (clinical informatics people, HL7, HSPC) very interested in participating in this proposed group and becoming advisors
 +    * How do we work through integrating FHIR in an interoperable way?
 +    * Need to remain very focussed on the mission statement of this subgroup
 +  * Are we understanding the bigger picture as cross-cutting?​
 +  * Some terminology confusion
 +  * Perhaps interoperability is contextual here
 +  * Infrastructure architecture an alternate definition (proposed by Mikhail)
 +  * Marissa noted some concern on how existing subgroups fit into this new proposed architecture
 +    * Mentioned that Ursa is a shared library project, perhaps this is the model we want to follow?
 +    * How does the Donor Milk Project fit into this?
 +  * We don't want to reinvent the work being done by other SIGs or WGs
 +    * Need people who are bridging the higher level general tools/​frameworks and wed them with the expertise within the healthcare-specific domain, but can be used by many users within the healthcare industry
 +  * Need an updated set of slides to visually represent the proposed structure
 +  * Sonia indicated that there is an updated set of slides available
 +  * Sonia "the balls already rolling"​ with existing subgroups, so need to be sensitive to this
 +  * Rich, need to understand the bigger picture, what's the story from the top down?
 +    * Expectation is that existing subgroups may need to pivot slightly
 +  * Sonia, relationship piece to the larger SIG not there yet
 +  * Note that we don't want to be specific about calling out technical implementation details (e.g, FHIR)
 +  * Marissa, where does everything fit, across subgroups?
 +    * Mikhail, an interoperability diagram would be helpful here (visual process flow)
 +  * Rich mentioned that there is work planned to establish communications across SIGs
 +    * Contacted HL leadership about developing some mechanism for this (David, Silona, et al.)
 +    * We want to share what we do with other SIGs and WGs (and vice versa)
 +    * Need to define some service layer (Mikhail) to align their work with each other
 +  * Sonia, going forward steps
 +    * Don't have a subgroup, so how to proceed?
 +    * Need to write a charter, how to proceed?
 +      * Rich, use the new HL Charter as a model
 +    * Rich, concerned that we don't yet have a clear understanding of what's getting proposed
 +    * Sonia, do we continue to meed ad hoc?
 +    * Open call to Steven, Mikhail, and Bob
 +      * All, happy to continue to work in an ad hoc forum
 +      * Bob, need to "​crystalize"​ the idea
 +      * Steven expressed some ongoing concern about confusion about focus:
 +        * "​There'​s so much here that it's we just don't understand between ourselves..."​
 +        * Willing to work through it
 +  * Need to have a "​crystalline"​ (Bob's comment) understanding of our proposal going forward
 +  * We are a very passionate group of talented people :)
 ===== Next Meeting ===== ===== Next Meeting =====
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