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   * ** Discussion: "a bottom up approach"​ email follow up (Steven Elliot)**   * ** Discussion: "a bottom up approach"​ email follow up (Steven Elliot)**
 +<WRAP box>
 +  * Good general discussion around how a future subgroup will need to consider a more global (non-US) understanding of healthcare systems, whether public or private: we cannot be limited to a purely US-centric view of healthcare solutions (Mikhail)
 +  * High level of continuing interest in an Interoperability Subgroup, or some form of communications channel that takes into account the cross-cutting nature of healthcare interoperability and blockchain technologies (Steven)
 +  * Also a continued interest expressed in a future Public Health Subgroup, depending in large part on how the SIG re-aligned itself going forward (Mikhail)
 +  * Bob introduced the group to the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC), indicating that this group is doing some similar work with interoperability
 +  * HSPC has some very big players in this space: Commonwell Health Alliance, Intermountain Healthcare, Care Equality, Cerner (creator), and others
 +  * A mention that the HSPC might be tightly-wedded with Cerner (the #2 EHR vendor in the US)
 +  * No known work being done in the HSPC using blockchain technologies
 +  * Also a note that the HSPC might be US-centric (a counterpoint that there'​s work being done with the HSPC in Africa)
 +  * Steven indicated that it'd be useful to consider the HSPC as a good resource in the future, perhaps a collaborator on some kind of future Hyperledger healthcare project/​service
 +  * Blockchain technologies using AI/​predictive analytics/​machine learning may be another area of future SIG subgroup interest
 +  * Mention that India is significantly growing their investments in country-wide healthcare systems, many solutions heavily tech-centric
 +  * Sonia asked and agreed to continue to lead the Ad Hoc Subgroup Review Team
 +  * Sonia urged that we need to push to generate something concrete (a project or POC), but we need goals at the SIG level
 +  * Rich indicated that this team (Ad Hoc team) will need to push the discussion "​up"​ to the SIG level to engage membership, and particularly subgroup leads
 +  * This EMR Subgroup focus needs to segue into a broader, membership-wide discussion that looks at SIG level changes in the coming year (2019)
 +  * Mikhail asked that it would be good to put together some kind of plan or shorter-term goal (Steven in agreement)
 +  * Some discussion on perhaps some level of confusion between what this team is proposing going forward ("​what'​s the take-away?"​)
 +  * Steven indicated that we should be focussed on developing a architecture for pluggable services
 +  * Sonia indicated that she believes that all subgroup leads do need to understand what this team is proposing
 +  * Some disconnect on where this Ad Hoc team needs to go next (need "​clarity of vision"​ and another meeting before 12/14)
 ===== Next Meeting ===== ===== Next Meeting =====
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