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PROPOSED General Meeting Agenda for 2018-12-14


Welcome and Opening Statements


  • If you’re new to the group, please…
    • Introduce yourself
    • Tell us where you're geographically located
    • Share with us your interests in healthcare in general, and blockchain technologies in specific

Community Announcements

  • Feel free to share your community announcements as they relate to the Hyperledger community
    • February 11-15, Orlando, Florida
    • Discussion: anyone planning or interested in attending?

HLHC-SIG Subgroup Updates

  • Patient/Member Subgroup (Marissa Iannarone, Lead)
  • Payer Subgroup (Raveesh Dewan, Lead)
  • EMR Subgroup (Rich Bloch, Acting Lead)

HLHC-SIG Ad Hoc Team Updates

  • Wiki Redesign Team (Brian Ahier, Raveesh Dewan, and Mikhail Elias, Lead)
  • Academic Research Team (Mikhail Elias and Adrian Berg, Lead)
  • Charter Review/Revision Team (Len Edwin and Ken Allgood [writers], with Adrian Berg and Marissa Iannone [editors])
  • Subgroup Review Team (Benjamin Djidi, Mikhail Elias, Steven Elliot, Robert Coli, and Sonia Wagner, Lead)
    • Kick off meeting on 11/26
    • Purpose is twofold:
      • Fundamentally to understand the future direction of the EMR Subgroup
      • To determine if a revised EMR Subgroup strategy might also apply to other subgroups

Old Business

  • A HIPAA-compliant Hyperledger (Rich)
    • Discussion: not much community feedback to date… next steps?

New Business

  • End of Year HLHC-SIG Survey (Rich)
    • Discussion: specific areas of focus for this upcoming survey?
  • Onboarding slide presentation for HLHC-SIG (Rich)
    • Great example presented by the Social Impact Working Group
    • Ostensibly used for onboarding a new chair/officer, but could be used for new members?
    • Discussion: would there be good utility/value to something like this?

Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for Friday, 12/28 (tentative due to holidays), 0700 Pacific Time
  • Discussion: topics to add to agenda?
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