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Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group (HLHCWG)

EMR Subgroup Agenda for 2018-11-20


Welcome and Opening Statements

In attendance:

  • Rich Bloch
  • Ben Djidi
  • Sonia
  • Mikhail Elias


  • If you’re new to the subgroup, please…
    • Introduce yourself
    • Tell us where you're geographically located
    • Share with us your interests in healthcare in general, and blockchain technologies in specific, with emphasis in EHR/EMRs

Community Announcements

  • Feel free to share your community announcements as they relate to the Hyperledger community

Old Business

  • Status on current work efforts
  • * Discussion: open discussion on expectations and direction of this subgroup

New Business

  • Seeking new lead for this subgroup
    • Discussion: recommendations/nominations?

Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for Tuesday, 12/04, 0800 Pacific Time
  • Discussion: topics to add to agenda?
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