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   * [[https://​​HL-antitrust-slide|Hyperledger Antitrust Slide]]   * [[https://​​HL-antitrust-slide|Hyperledger Antitrust Slide]]
   * **Discussion:​ request for note-taking for this meeting**   * **Discussion:​ request for note-taking for this meeting**
 +<WRAP box>
 +In attendance:
 +  * Rich Bloch
 +  * Ben Djidi
 +  * Sonia
 +  * Mikhail Elias
 ===== Introductions ===== ===== Introductions =====
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   * Status on current work efforts   * Status on current work efforts
   * * **Discussion:​ open discussion on expectations and direction of this subgroup**   * * **Discussion:​ open discussion on expectations and direction of this subgroup**
 +<WRAP box>
 +  * Discussion of past EMR Subgroup meetings
 +  * Sonia and Rich attended the last known EMR Subgroup meeting (10/02), which is believed to have been the last meeting of the subgroup
 +  * Past meeting emphasized an EMR solution from the provider perspective
 +  * Expectation is that the current work on our HLHCWG charter review/​revision will help set the proper tenor going forward
 +  * Question about the distinction between EMRs and EHRs
 +    * EHRs are a broader interpretation of electronic health records management, while...
 +    * EMRs are typically a subset of an EHR, generally provider-facing,​ used in provider practices (satellite to larger healthcare systems)
 +  * Larger question of whether this subgroup focus on EHRs or the provider (harmonizing with the other subgroups: patient and payer)
 +    * Concept surfaced of whether it makes sense to view use cases from the end-user perspective (application layer / top down)
 +      * What if we viewed our work as bottom up, more as a provider of a healthcare platform of services?
 +      * Cross-cutting issues of data management, security, and interoperability fall into the context of this approach
 +      * Implications touch all current subgroups
 +      * Important to maintain an understanding that WGs exist to drive issues in the proper context (in this case, healthcare) up to Hyperledger leadership such that architectural/​feature improvements can be made to improve frameworks/​toolsets
 +    * Public healthcare could be one way to rescope the focus for this (or another, separate) subgroup
 ===== New Business ===== ===== New Business =====
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   * Seeking new lead for this subgroup   * Seeking new lead for this subgroup
     * **Discussion:​ recommendations/​nominations?​**     * **Discussion:​ recommendations/​nominations?​**
 +<WRAP box>
 +  * From the good discussions from today'​s meeting, the group has decided to spin up an ad hoc committee to do some additional due diligence in advance of the next meeting
 +    * Sonia has volunteered to serve as lead for this team, with Ben and Mikhail working with Sonia
 +    * Rich will loop Steven Elliot (not in attendance) into the team, as Steven and Mikhail have complementary thoughts
 +  * Our next meeting will continue the discussion about how best to shape the charter of this subgroup going forward
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