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Hyperledger Healthcare Patient SubGroup
Meeting Agenda for 2018-10-12

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Hyperledger class: Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies

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— A. Welcome and Opening Statement (5min)

B. HMBANA Update and summary of current effort to share with them (5 min)

  • We need to create a brief summary of the project so that she can take that to HMBANA leadership. Here is what we have so far:

We are working on a donor milk technology solution. At a high-level, we're looking to create a tool to help hospitals have more visibility into the supply of milk coming from donor banks; allow donor banks to better understand the babies that receive the milk; and to help donor banks scale, as we know that an increase in supply is needed.

C. Review tools and how to engage with each: wiki, GitHub, JIRA (15min)

D. Working session - populate the JIRA board with Epics and Task for the product -prioritizing MVP but including future functionality to consider (20min)

  • We did not have a chance to start this work. but we'll take this down to the task level and start building those out in JIRA. We will have a check in meeting end of next week to ensure we're all on the same page on how these tasks get created

E. Discussion: What timeline are we working towards? Still targeting the Hyperledger Global Forum? (5min)

  • We will discuss this at the check in meeting
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