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 +Hyperledger Project\\
 +Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) Payor Subgroup Meeting\\
 +September 25, 2018 \\
 +Chat:  ​https://​​​channel/​​healthcare-wg ​ ​(you can use your LFID to login)\\
 +Github: ​ ​https://​​​hyperledger \\
 +Wiki:  https://​ \\
 +HCWG Wiki: https://​​groups/​healthcare/​healthcare-wg \\
 +Public lists: ​ https://​ \\
 +Meetings: ​ https://​​community/​calendar-public-meetings \\
 +Linux Foundation Antitrust reminder: https://​​antitrust-policy ​
 +Richard Cole - Value Based Care\\
 +Data warehouse architect - over 400 providers in every specialty - work with local hospitals\\
 +SME value based care\\
 +8:00 What is value based care?\\
 +An incentive program created by CMS - affordable care act\\
 +Better care for populations at lower cost\\
 +8:40 Clinical measures as one element of the “Triple Aim”\\
 +Reward value over volume - Outcome based measures\\
 +Insurers are members \\
 +10:00 How orgs implement VBC?\\
 +EHR systems\\
 +Patient centered certifications\\
 +Care optimization teams\\
 +Quality scorecards - provider and payor\\
 +Provider salary based on quality based care\\
 +12:30 CMS/QPP and MSSP/ACOs\\
 +Performance is heavily weighted by quality\\
 +Incentive to make sure they do well on these measures, payments adjusted\\
 +14:00 Insurers role via contracts with Health Care Organizations\\
 +HEDIS specs and benchmarks\\
 +Feedback mechanism to let them know how well they are doing\\
 +17:00 PROBLEM: Insurer member to EHR Patient matching routines\\
 +No standard format\\
 +Duplicate records\\
 +19:45 Blockchain Use Case Opportunities\\
 +Social security numbers are a big problem\\
 +Universal patient identifier\\
 +When patients change insurance companies - 360 view of patient health\\
 +21:30 Questions and discussion\\
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