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   * Submit a [[http://​​feff9f8b142de68085|Blockchain Showcase]]   * Submit a [[http://​​feff9f8b142de68085|Blockchain Showcase]]
   * Write and read our a [[https://​​blog|blog posts]]   * Write and read our a [[https://​​blog|blog posts]]
-  * Join our [https://​​groups/​training-and-education/​training-and-education-wg|training and education community]]+  * Join our [[https://​​groups/​training-and-education/​training-and-education-wg|training and education community]]
 ==== Membership ==== ==== Membership ====
   * [[https://​​members|Who is a member?]]   * [[https://​​members|Who is a member?]]
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