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Please feel free to use the following presentations when speaking about Hyperledger at a meetup, internally at your organization or anywhere else where people are interested in learning more about the project.

You are also welcome to help us improve these resources by contributing a new presentation or by translating one of these presentations into another language. If you are interested in helping improve these presentations, post on the Hyperledger discuss list.

Presentations in English



Domains and Use Cases

  • Coming soon

Presentations in Other Languages

Other Resources

We're working on putting together more presentations that will cover other relevant topics, such as overviews of each Hyperledger project as well as presentations looking at how Hyperledger is being used in different industries. We're also able to put other resources together that would be helpful for you, such as demos. Please post on Hyperledger discuss list and let us know what other resources would be helpful for you.

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