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Channel #fabric-orderer Guidelines

Questions posted to the #fabric-orderer channel should be related to either the ordering service code and its APIs (Broadcast/Deliver), configuration transactions, or the ordering service consensus plugins (Solo/Kafka/SBFT).

Before posting your question, please take time to ensure that your question is precise and concise, and use a service like Pastebin or GitHub Gist for all log outputs or config files that you wish to reference.

For example:

  • Bad question: Why do I get the error `BAD_REQUEST`?
  • Good question: Using `fabric-examples/first-network/` tagged v1.1.0-rc1, when submitting the channel creation as `` it succeeds, but when using `` it fails with `BAD_REQUEST`. (Full log can be found here: Why does this second request fail?

Also note that there is an ordering service FAQ available in the documentation. Please consult this and the other documentation to see if your question has already been answered before posting.

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