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 ====== Calendar of Public Meetings ====== ====== Calendar of Public Meetings ======
-===== Recurring ​meetings ​for Hyperledger Projects ===== +Following is a calendar of community ​meetings. **Times are Coordinated Universal Time**.
-  +
-==== Technical Steering Committee (TSC) - Meets Weekly Thursdays ====+
-The [[groups:tsc:​technical-steering-committee|TSC]] meets **weekly on Thursdays 10:00am – 11:30am ET** 15:00-16:30 UTC.+{{url>​​calendar/​embed?​mode=AGENDA&​​ctz=UTC}}
-Please join meetings from your computertablet or smartphone at: [[]], or dial in using your phone: +**To view the calendar in your timezone**open [[​mode=AGENDA&​​ctz=UTC|the calendar]] and modify the //ctz// parameter to view the calendar ​in your local time zone. Options for time zone can be found in the **TZ** column of [[​wiki/​List_of_tz_database_time_zones#​List]]. For example, here is a list in [[​calendar/​embed?​mode=AGENDA&​​ctz=Asia%2FShanghai|China Standard Time]]
-US (toll-free)+1-877-309-2070 US: +1-312-757-3119 ​//Access Code613-310-429//+
-You can also join the [[|RocketChat #tsc channel]].+You can also download ​the calendar in [[​​public/​basic.ics|iCal]] format.
-==== Requirements WG - Meets Biweekly Mondays ==== 
-The [[groups:​requirements:​requirements-wg|Requirements WG]] meets **biweekly on Mondays 1:00pm ET** / 15:00 UTC. (//10am pacific//) 
-Join the call: [[https://​​hyperledger-community]] 
-Optional dial in number: 401-283-2000,,,​4807579435#​ 
-No PIN needed 
-Regional dial in numbers can be found here: [[https://​​international]] 
-Live meeting minutes are in a [[https://​​document/​d/​1PMYUk5Q9nNvvj1TVQARHbbKYXshqX1iy-QlmrF5LheE/​edit#​heading=h.z0mvwjxpepe9|Google Doc]], you can join the [[https://​​channel/​requirements|RocketChat #​requirements channel]].  ​ 
-==== Architecture WG - Meets Biweekly Wednesdays ==== 
-The [[groups:​architecture:​architecture-wg|Architecture WG]] meets **biweekly on Wednesdays noon ET** / 17:00 UTC. (//Next meeting: 15-Feb//, alternates with Identity WG meetings) 
-Join the webex here: https://​​ciscosales/​j.php?​MTID=me65bf13b5db39e5d28f675071d8e2ef1 
-Meeting number: 206 807 875  Meeting password: EJP23Ui2 (35723842 from phones) \\ 
-Or Join by phone: US/Canada (tollfree) +1-866-432-9903 or +1-408-525-6800 ​ Access code: 206 807 875 Contact: Ram Jagadeesan, Cisco  ​ 
-Read the [[https://​​document/​d/​139zLiMCJBLYVFR4dQd_2UqJOyJVEBjAB8PwxIwV6Wf0/​edit|Architecture WG meeting minutes]], participate in the [[mailto:​|hyperledger-arch-wg mailing list]] or join the [[https://​​channel/​architecture|RocketChat #​architecture channel]]. 
-==== Identity WG - Meets Biweekly Wednesdays ==== 
-[[https://​​document/​d/​1NZIOmxBSKCPkJ2OW9bPdUgH7T4JVSP4zbaumXtsyOpg/​edit?​usp=drivesdk|Identity WG Charter]] 
-[[https://​​document/​d/​1ExFNRx-yYoS8FnDIUX1_0UBMha9TvQkfts2kVnDc4KE/​edit?​usp=sharing|Identity WG Paper draft]] 
-The [[groups:​identity:​identity-wg|Identity WG]] meets **biweekly on Wednesdays noon EST** / 17:00 UTC. (//Next meeting: March 8th//, alternates with Architecture WG meetings) 
-Join the webex here: https://​​collabs/​meetings/​join?​uuid=M13E85PQ13KWSMVJJLZ1FZ3XNX-9VIB \\ 
-Or join by phone: \\ 
-  * +1-408-525-6800 Call-in toll number (US/Canada) 
-  * +1-866-432-9903 Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada) 
-  * Access code: 190 609 401 
-Read the [[https://​​document/​d/​1nVkjhSlghjc4KFWEYDU2B0ztWCFh1CK8a7VmqwFsnKY/​edit?​usp=sharing |Identity WG meeting minutes]], join the [[https://​​channel/​identity-wg|RocketChat #​identity-wg channel]]. 
-Meeting Contact: Vipin Bharathan, BNP Paribas [[mailto:​ | <​>​]] 
-==== Protocol WG - Mailing List ==== 
-This meeting has been replaced by the http://​​mailman/​listinfo/​hyperledger-technical-discuss mailing list. \\ 
-Working document: https://​​groups/​protocol/​ ​ \\ 
-Contact: Binh Nguyen, IBM  ​ 
-==== Fabric Project Technical Planning - Mailing List ==== 
-This meeting has been replaced by the http://​​mailman/​listinfo/​hyperledger-fabric mailing list. \\ 
-Contact: Binh Nguyen, IBM  
-===== Fabric SDK Specification Meeting ===== 
-Please refer to the [[/​groups/​fabric-sdk/​fabric-sdk-wg#​meetings|Fabric SDK page]] 
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